Update on Phil

Here’s a quick update on my Dad, Phil. We’ll use this blog to post updates so we can get the word out on his current status.

My Dad was leaving dinner at Carolyn’s house on Christmas night. As he got into the car, he fell and hit his head on the ground, and had a few cuts on his face and scratches on his glasses. It seemed like he got knocked over by the wind or slipped. Around his eye didn’t looks so great, and since he did hit his head, Carolyn and John took him to the ER to get checked.  Turns out the reason for the fall was a small stroke.

They admitted him and he was originally being kept for evaluation and observation. On Thurs night, he became extremely agitated and somewhat violent (Dad?!), needed to be restrained, and then sedated. More tests and doctors concluded the cause of agitation was a seizure, possibly hospital psychosis. Was transferred to ICU and is still there now. EEG’s, CT scans, blood tests, etc. He’s very groggy, and easily falls into sleep. Not totally coherent, but is passing many neurological tests and vitals are somewhat ok. Difficulty swallowing. Was slurring his words yesterday, but a bit better this morning. He’s not doing well.

We’re hoping he’ll be well enough to be discharged to an inpatient rehab facility soon. Asking for no visitors right now, please. When it’s ok for visitors, we’ll let everyone know. Will post more as conditions change.

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