Test results not good – coronary bypass surgery necessary

Dad’s test is done.   The cardiologist gave Mom and Carolyn the test results.  Not good.

1 of his arteries is 100% blocked.
1 is 90% blocked.
2 more are 70% blocked.

They said he’s lucky he didn’t have a heart attack already.  And they said he should not go home.   He will need Coronary Artery Bypass surgery this week, open-heart surgery.  The arterys are too far gone for stents to be effective.

They are going to move him to a room and he’s recovering from the cath now. 

The cardiac surgeons are in another surgery right now, and Mom and Carolyn are waiting for them to get a consultation.  

The valve was ok, a slight murmur meaning could be a slight leak, but ok.

I’ll be heading to NJ as soon as Carolyn gets more info from the cardiac surgeons.

Info: http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/coronary-artery-bypass-surgery-for-coronary-artery-disease

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