Pulmonary Tests

Dad’s had Ankylosing Spondylitis since he was 20.  Many doctors are not familiar with it and in fact for a long time they treated him for a stomach issue instead.  There’s concern that the Ankylosing Spondylitis  may cause his chest expansion to be limited after bypass surgery, and that his lungs may not be able to provide enough oxygen to his heart.  So, there’s a series of tests to determine if it will be an issue in recovery from possible bypass surgery.  If you can’t breath after the surgery, then the bypass surgery may not be an option.

The pulmonary doctor listened to Dad’s breathing this afternoon.  He did not hear anything that would indicate an issue, but the real test is the chest xray/MRI.

This morning, he had an issue with the plug from the cardio cath.  It caused a hemotoma, a collection of blood, under the skin around the plug.  Some painful pressure relieved it, but the took him down a cat scan of the area to check it out.  Apparently this happens only 2% of the time.  Wish he were that lucky in the lottery too!

He’s scheduled for an MRI, or xray, later tonight for the chest/lungs.

Tomorrow is a pulmonary breathing test, similar to an asthma breathing test.

After all these test results are in, the cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, and pulmonary doctors will get together and consult to see if bypass is a viable option, and present the options.  Cooper seems to have scheduled him for bypass surgery on Friday, assuming everything looks good.

However, we not sure Cooper Hospital is the optimal place to have open heart surgery, so we’re looking at other options.  Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center is in Camden NJ down the street from Cooper and  has much more experience and we’re exploring transferring him there.  Carolyn is consulting with the chief cardiac surgeon at Lourdes and initial indications are that they would accept him as a patient.  If he’s transferred to Lourdes, and bypass is possible, then surgery would likely be sometime early next week.

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