Phil – New Years Eve update

Dad had a much better day today than the past three days.  He was even able to get out of the bed and sit in a chair, and even had a good phone conversation with him.  He knew today is New Year’s Eve and that tomorrow is the Mummers Parade, on Channel 17.   I asked if he was going to go out and be a party animal tonight, and he said that he didn’t really ever go out on New Year’s Eve night.  Much more coherent and able to converse today, unlike past few days where he was really out of it.  He’s even reading the newspaper.

The doctor said the EEG showed diffuse slowing, which means Thursday’s incident was a seizure.  He was being treated with Keppra for anti-seizure and Haldol as a relaxant and anti-anxiety med.  He may have had an adverse reaction to Keppra, so they switched over to Vimpat.  He’s still easily confused at times, but it’ll take a while to get the Keppra fully out of his system.

Taking it day by day, still in the ICU, to monitor, and make sure he’s stable and doesn’t have another seizure.

Again, asking for no visitors please.   We’d be happy to pass along any emails or cards.  Send any cards to Carolyn’s address and she’ll take over to him.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Monday 1-5
    We’re glad Phil is good enough to be released to a rehab facility Ray R. and I were planning a visit on Wed. afternoon. Will he good enough to see visitors?
    Ray Landry


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