Morning Update

Mom called Dad this morning to see if he heard anything about being discharged today.  He told her he felt awful and had some cardiac issues through the night.  I made a call to Dad’s nurse and he didn’t have time to talk but told me Dad went into A-Fib last night and he needed to get back in the room with him.  I will call later for an update.  Mom is on her way to the hospital.

In Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) the upper part of your heart beats (quivers) faster than the rest of your heart.  If you could look inside your chest, the top part of your heart would be shaking like Jell-OGraphic of Vibrating Heart or beating more rapidly than the lower section of your heart.  You feel an uncomfortable flutter in your chest or like your heart is going to jump out of your ribs or that your heart is “flip-flopping around.”  Your pulse is irregular and/or more rapid than normal.  Someone described their A-Fib as “…like a motor idling too fast in my chest.”  You may feel lightheaded, very tired, have shortness of breath, sweating and chest pain, and sometimes a distressing need for frequent urination (it isn’t clear how A-Fib and frequent urination are related). 
Somewhere in your heart extra electrical signals are being generated which cause the top part of your heart to contract and quiver rapidly and irregularly (fibrillate) as many as 300-600 times a minute.

Mom will call me with an update when she gets to the hospital.

To be continued……

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