“Golden Coins”

“Golden Coins”

December 5, 2013
by Philip P. Grous

– – –

Time to start cashing in some of those Golden Coins from my memory bank.  I watched a beautiful show tonight, “The Sound of Music Live!”, a live 3 hour performance on NBC.  I was really impressed by the great production and performances.  I know Mom would have loved it too.  As I watched and enjoyed the show, I realized that, all of the beautiful moments that we ever had, we shared them together.  It would have been great if we could have watched it together tonight.

Then I recalled what I said in “Precious Tears”.  When things get a little tough or I feel sad about her not being here, I need to recall the good times that she enjoyed.  That is what adds value to those Golden Coins.

The was so lucky (no, I don’t mean at the Casino) but she was lucky there too.  She had a very enjoyable and satisfying life [Coin].  She loved traveling around our country; both on my business trips and on vacations [Coin].  Maybe not the camping trips too much.  Day or night trips to AC and Chester, [Coin] and she didn’t even know about the Great Lottery Ticket scratch-off at her luncheon or the family Memorial trip to Harrah’s afterward in her honor.  Then there were the cruises [Coins], the trips to colleges, trips to Florida and Massachusetts [more Coins].  Vacations to the Shore and elsewhere.  They were great.  She even liked it at work where she was really the background boss according to her old boss, John Gahagan [Coin].  She was the go-to-person for soft pretzels, group lottery tickets and office pools.  She liked her co-workers and she was very good at her job [Coin].

But most of all, she enjoyed her children (and her grandchildren even more) [Coins].  A sad thing though is that she didn’t get to see how you rallied together and around me too in our very darkest hours.  She would be so proud of you. [Coins]  She did a great job.

There is so much more.  She enjoyed thirteen years of comfortable retirement, doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted.  Friday night Bingo. [Coin]  She had many good friends and neighbors who all enjoyed each other.  Evidence of that is the large attendance at her viewing and Mass. [Coin]

Oh, and she loved a game of cards with a little money on the line.  We often played with the Guims until late at night and once she even played Pinochle with her family all the way through the night until the next morning. [Coin]  A trip to Florida was never complete without a few sessions of Contract Rummy (but not #2).  She helped start the Neighbors’ Game Group and tried to get the Senior Citizens interested in playing games at our meetings. [Coin]

So, that’s a lot of Coins that I cashed in.  I hope there are a lot more left in my Bank because I’ll probably need them in the future.  You know, it really does help ease some of those Precious Tears.

 – – –

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  1. You guys surely did fulfill mom’s life, she was very very lucky to have such a loving family. Thanks for keeping me posted. vicky vega


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