Cardiac catheterization test underway

Dad’s cardiac catheterization test is underway right now.  Let’s hope everything looks good.

He arrived at the hospital at 8:30am this morning and they started the test at about 11:45 am.  The test should last approx 1 1/2 hours. 

If they discover he needs a stent, they will do that today and he’ll stay overnight.

If they discover he needs a valve replacement, they will likely schedule that for another date.

Cardiac Catheterization procedure information

Dad is at the hospital waiting to have a Cardiac Catheterization test performed.

He’s felt fatigued over the past few months and went to his doctor, who referred him to a cardiologist.
He had an EKG, and echo-cardiogram done, and the cath is the next test to get a good picture on what’s happening.

Cardiac Catheterization information:

First, go here:,243588&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
Then, click on Health Topics A-Z on the right side.
Then, click on “C” and scroll down to “Cardiac Catheterization [Medical Test]

It has the following sections:

  • Test Overview

  • Why It Is Done

  • How To Prepare

  • How It Is Done

  • How It Feels

  • Risks

  • Results

  • What Affects the Test

  • What To Think About

  • References

It even includes a picture of what the lab looks like.  Hard part is that you have to lie still on a hard table for about an hour.  Good news is that you are slightly sedated and may not even remember it.

There’s more info on stents and valve replacement surgery there too.

Carolyn also found good information on WebMD –