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Heading home

Apologies for not updating more frequently.

Dad was discharged from Virtua Hospital on Jan 3rd, and transferred to an inpatient rehab center, Powerback of Moorstown.  He was transferred to regain strength, mobility, balance and motor skills.  He was doing Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, each 5x per week.

Good news is that he’s now ready to check out of Powerback.  He’s being discharged tomorrow (1/16) and headed back home.  He’ll continue his therapy at home.  Therapists and nurses visit at home starting on Wednesday.  He’s got several follow up appointments with the various doctors who have seen him over the past few weeks.   He’s not permitted to drive for at least 6 months, so there will be someone staying with him for a few weeks.

Thanks to all who asked about Dad and prayed for his health.  He still has a lot of work to do and isn’t totally out of the woods yet.


Relatively better and out of ICU

Since being removed from the Keppra, Dad’s been doing better, relatively. I had a phone conversation with him while he was sitting and watching the Mummers Parade yesterday. A few days ago, he could only mumble, not really even open his eyes, failed a swallow test, was not allowed to get out of bed. Now, he’s sitting in a chair, chatting it up with the nurses, eating lunch, and brushing his teeth.

It’s clear his brain has been affected. Not sure if it was the fall, his strokes and TIA’s, or the seizure, but probably a cumulative effect of all of them. He seems to be able to recall info from the past, but is having difficulty with the present. For example, he thought he was a Carolyn’s house instead of the hospital. He said he had two desserts, but he only had one. Said TV went out for a few minutes, but it didn’t. He’s easily confused.

Dad was well enough to be transferred out of ICU last night. He’s still in the hospital, and will likely be transferred to an inpatient rehab facility in the next few days.

He is well enough for visitors now, and it would actually be good for him. If you’d like to visit, let Carolyn or me know, just to make sure he hasn’t been transferred to rehab. Here’s to a Happy New Year!

Phil – New Years Eve update

Dad had a much better day today than the past three days.  He was even able to get out of the bed and sit in a chair, and even had a good phone conversation with him.  He knew today is New Year’s Eve and that tomorrow is the Mummers Parade, on Channel 17.   I asked if he was going to go out and be a party animal tonight, and he said that he didn’t really ever go out on New Year’s Eve night.  Much more coherent and able to converse today, unlike past few days where he was really out of it.  He’s even reading the newspaper.

The doctor said the EEG showed diffuse slowing, which means Thursday’s incident was a seizure.  He was being treated with Keppra for anti-seizure and Haldol as a relaxant and anti-anxiety med.  He may have had an adverse reaction to Keppra, so they switched over to Vimpat.  He’s still easily confused at times, but it’ll take a while to get the Keppra fully out of his system.

Taking it day by day, still in the ICU, to monitor, and make sure he’s stable and doesn’t have another seizure.

Again, asking for no visitors please.   We’d be happy to pass along any emails or cards.  Send any cards to Carolyn’s address and she’ll take over to him.

Happy New Year!


Update on Phil

Here’s a quick update on my Dad, Phil. We’ll use this blog to post updates so we can get the word out on his current status.

My Dad was leaving dinner at Carolyn’s house on Christmas night. As he got into the car, he fell and hit his head on the ground, and had a few cuts on his face and scratches on his glasses. It seemed like he got knocked over by the wind or slipped. Around his eye didn’t looks so great, and since he did hit his head, Carolyn and John took him to the ER to get checked.  Turns out the reason for the fall was a small stroke.

They admitted him and he was originally being kept for evaluation and observation. On Thurs night, he became extremely agitated and somewhat violent (Dad?!), needed to be restrained, and then sedated. More tests and doctors concluded the cause of agitation was a seizure, possibly hospital psychosis. Was transferred to ICU and is still there now. EEG’s, CT scans, blood tests, etc. He’s very groggy, and easily falls into sleep. Not totally coherent, but is passing many neurological tests and vitals are somewhat ok. Difficulty swallowing. Was slurring his words yesterday, but a bit better this morning. He’s not doing well.

We’re hoping he’ll be well enough to be discharged to an inpatient rehab facility soon. Asking for no visitors right now, please. When it’s ok for visitors, we’ll let everyone know. Will post more as conditions change.

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Home Sweet Home

Dad’s went home on Monday.  He’s very happy to be home.  And, quite frankly, we’re all just glad he showered.

He got up yesterday at 8:30am, had a bowl of Cheerios and OJ.  He sounds very good and is gaining strength, but gets tired quickly, which is normal, but frustrating to him.

The visiting nurse was going to visit him at home yesterday, but I haven’t heard how that went yet. 

Today, he’s scheduled to go to the cardiologist in Voorhees, for some blood work to check on the coumadin levels.

In about 7 to 10 days, he’ll go for a follow up visit with the cardiac surgeon.

Thanks to everyone for your get well wishes!

Still in Hospital

Well, Dad is still in the hospital. The Cardiologist came in this morning and said he could not leave because he was only  up to 75% on his Cardiac Medicine and needs to be up to 100%. They said maybe tomorrow but I guess we have to wait and see.

Dad says he is feeling very weak. After feeling so good, he is disappointed with this setback. I try telling him he had a major operation and it will take time to feel back to normal.

Hang in there, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Carolyn says that Dad’s A-Fib is under control and he’ll be going home today.  That’s a great present.  Glad he’ll be home in time to see Tiger win another US Open and a Boston team win another championship, all in one day.

To all Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Morning Update

Mom called Dad this morning to see if he heard anything about being discharged today.  He told her he felt awful and had some cardiac issues through the night.  I made a call to Dad’s nurse and he didn’t have time to talk but told me Dad went into A-Fib last night and he needed to get back in the room with him.  I will call later for an update.  Mom is on her way to the hospital.

In Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) the upper part of your heart beats (quivers) faster than the rest of your heart.  If you could look inside your chest, the top part of your heart would be shaking like Jell-OGraphic of Vibrating Heart or beating more rapidly than the lower section of your heart.  You feel an uncomfortable flutter in your chest or like your heart is going to jump out of your ribs or that your heart is “flip-flopping around.”  Your pulse is irregular and/or more rapid than normal.  Someone described their A-Fib as “…like a motor idling too fast in my chest.”  You may feel lightheaded, very tired, have shortness of breath, sweating and chest pain, and sometimes a distressing need for frequent urination (it isn’t clear how A-Fib and frequent urination are related). 
Somewhere in your heart extra electrical signals are being generated which cause the top part of your heart to contract and quiver rapidly and irregularly (fibrillate) as many as 300-600 times a minute.

Mom will call me with an update when she gets to the hospital.

To be continued……