Cat scan

Dad’s in for a catscan on his lungs now.   That should give the best indication of his breathing and lungs.

The test results won’t all be in until at least tomorrow.  Nothing will be done for at least 2 days, so we’re looking at Monday for any procedures.

He previously saw the cardiologist at Lourdes and did not like him at all.  Dad remembers walking out of his office years ago vowing never to never see him again.

They said he can not leave without either bypass or stents.

If stents, then they will do 1 now and the other about 4 weeks from now.

Let’s hope the catscan indicates that his lungs are strong enough to support the recovery process.

Mom and Carolyn have been with Dad the past few days and have been providing great support.  Thanks to them for being on the ground.

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  1. Kristen and I are flying up to NJ on Friday night. We will staying until Wednesday. Hopefully we can give Carolyn and Mom a break.


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