Triple bypass surgery is completed and went well

Dr. Highbloom concluded surgery and just met with us.  He told us the surgery went very, very well and Dad is doing fine.

He had 3 bypasses put in, the 3 most important ones.  He’s in the process of being moved to ICU, which will take about an hour or so before we can see him.

They did not have to take veins from his legs or arms, rather they took them from the chest / mammory arteries, which is good too, since they didn’t have to cut open his legs or arms.

His heart is beating on it’s own and was never stopped.  He’s not on any medications or blood products (yet).  The intibation went well, no problems.  He’ll be on the breathing tube until they determine he is strong enough to breath on his own.

He’ll have all sorts of tubes and wires coming out his neck, mouth, chest, etc. 

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Field Trip

Leanne Mader just gave us a tour of the K-ICU ward.  Leanne will be Dad’s nurse while there.  She showed us which bed (#19) he’ll be in and told us what to expect.  Tubes, monitors, IV’s, etc.

After surgery, he’ll go from the O.R. to the K-ICU, where they have a 1 to 1 nurse patient ratio.  He’s directly in front of the nurse’s station and will be the only cardiac patient in the K-ICU.  He’ll be there until at least tomorrow.

After K-ICU, he’ll be moved to the C-ICU, the Cardiac ICU, on the 8th floor, where they have a 1 to 3 nurse to patient ratio.  He’ll be in the C-ICU for a day or two, depending on how well he’s recovering.

After the C-ICU, he’ll be moved to a PCU room, also on the 8th floor, similar to the room he was in the past few days.  That has a 1 to 5 nurse to patient ratio.

That was nice of her to give us the tour.

Waiting room

We’re in the waiting room.  Nothing new to report yet.  It’ll still be a few hours until we find out anything.

Interesting that the hospital seems to block all but port 80 and 443.  I can’t do much but check the web, but I’ll take it over nothing.   No VPN, no remote desktop connection, no VNC.  iTunes works though.

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers.

O.R. Prep

Dad was taken to the O.R. prep room and was given a good dose of something.   He’s awake a bit loopy right now.  The anesthestiologist was there and explained what was happening.  He’ll be in the O.R. shortly.

We were allowed to see him for hugs and kisses and now we’re in the waiting room.  We have a pager, and the doctors will page us when they are ready for an update.  It should be about 5 hours or so.

We will be able to see him shortly after he moves into ICU.

Now, we’re headed to the cafeteria.

Free haircut?

Mom, Carolyn, Alice, Jerry and I are all here.

Dad had a good night’s sleep (Ambien assisted).  He’s showered and ready to go.

Hector from the O.R. arrived and said he was going to give Dad a “free haircut”.  Mom looked surprised and said he didn’t need a haircut because he just had one.  We all burst out laughing because he was there to shave the surgical areas.  That was funny. 

We’re moving from the 8th floor, heading to the O.R. prep room on the 3rd floor.

Ready for surgery

I left Boston at 11:30 and arrived in NJ at 5pm.  Just as I got to Dad’s room, dinner arrived.  It really looked delicious, but he didn’t share.  After that, no more to eat. 

He’s in very good spirits and feels great.  He’s ready to get the surgery done. 

Tomorrow, he has a 4am wake-up call.  Then, he’ll take a special iodine sterilzing shower prior to the procedure.

We’re going up to meet him between 6 and 6:30.

I met baby Addison for the first time.  Cutie.  Good to see Madeleine and Eleanor again too.

I’m able to post updates from the hospital – they have wi-fi.  As soon as we get updates, I’ll post as soon as possible.

Surgery is Monday morning

Dr. Highbloom, the cardiac surgeon came in this and told Dad that any concerns they had about pulmonary issues are non-existent.  Very good news. 

Richard Y. Highbloom, M.D will be the sole cardiac surgeon for the entire procedure.  He has been doing this surgery for the past 16 years.

The surgery is schedule first thing on Monday morning at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. 

Here’s the rough schedule:

    6:30am – Moved to the staging area
    7:15am – Anastesia administered
    Operation will last 4 to 6 hours
    Moved to ICU after to stabilize
    Then to a room for 4 to 6 days.

When discharged home, he’ll be on a very restricted activity basis, likely bedrest only.

He’s busy reading up on the procedure and signing lots of papers right now.

Pulmonary tests are good

The pulmonary doctor’s tests indicate that Dad’s chest and lungs should be strong enough to support his breathing during the bypass recovery process.  He cleared him for surgery.

Bypass surgery could be on Monday or Tuesday.

Alice, Kristen and baby Addison are flying up from Florida tonight and heading back on Wednesday.