Afternoon update

Mom continues to do well, way way better than yesterday.

We finally got some answers today.

Her blood levels were up to 8.4 and she was much more active and alert today.  The hematologist came in this morning and gave us the results of the hemolysis test – negative.  So that wasn’t causing the bleeding.  Bleeding was not in GI either.  Still, where?

The attending physician came in this afternoon and said he read the CT Scan with the radiologist and saw a pooling of blood near the hip replacement.  Ahh – this explains why the blood levels dropped.  The swelling isn’t huge and there’s no pain in that area.

So, here’s what we think happened…  the hip surgery was done, and it’s still healing.  When she came in on Saturday for the pain in her side, they discovered blot clot in her leg and lungs.  So, they put her on blood thinners.  The thinner blood was now leaking near the hip surgery area, causing her hemoglobin levels to drop to 5.7.  Immediately, blood thinners were removed so she didn’t bleed out.  Blood transfusion overnight worked, as her blood levels were 8.4 this morning.

The attending doc wants to consult with a orthopedic doc to see what to do about the pooling, if anything, before starting again on blood thinners.

Fortunately, the doc who did Mom’s hip surgery was in the hospital in the OR, and he was able to come up to see Mom this afternoon.  He said there is risk of infection when there is fluid in the hip area, so best is to do nothing and just let it heal itself.  Draining it would introduce risk of infection.

So, she’ll get a good night’s rest tonight.  Docs will consult tomorrow and determine when to go on blood thinners again.  

Just watched the Red Sox win with her.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.  They are working!  Keep ’em coming.

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