Heading home

Apologies for not updating more frequently.

Dad was discharged from Virtua Hospital on Jan 3rd, and transferred to an inpatient rehab center, Powerback of Moorstown.  He was transferred to regain strength, mobility, balance and motor skills.  He was doing Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, each 5x per week.

Good news is that he’s now ready to check out of Powerback.  He’s being discharged tomorrow (1/16) and headed back home.  He’ll continue his therapy at home.  Therapists and nurses visit at home starting on Wednesday.  He’s got several follow up appointments with the various doctors who have seen him over the past few weeks.   He’s not permitted to drive for at least 6 months, so there will be someone staying with him for a few weeks.

Thanks to all who asked about Dad and prayed for his health.  He still has a lot of work to do and isn’t totally out of the woods yet.


Relatively better and out of ICU

Since being removed from the Keppra, Dad’s been doing better, relatively. I had a phone conversation with him while he was sitting and watching the Mummers Parade yesterday. A few days ago, he could only mumble, not really even open his eyes, failed a swallow test, was not allowed to get out of bed. Now, he’s sitting in a chair, chatting it up with the nurses, eating lunch, and brushing his teeth.

It’s clear his brain has been affected. Not sure if it was the fall, his strokes and TIA’s, or the seizure, but probably a cumulative effect of all of them. He seems to be able to recall info from the past, but is having difficulty with the present. For example, he thought he was a Carolyn’s house instead of the hospital. He said he had two desserts, but he only had one. Said TV went out for a few minutes, but it didn’t. He’s easily confused.

Dad was well enough to be transferred out of ICU last night. He’s still in the hospital, and will likely be transferred to an inpatient rehab facility in the next few days.

He is well enough for visitors now, and it would actually be good for him. If you’d like to visit, let Carolyn or me know, just to make sure he hasn’t been transferred to rehab. Here’s to a Happy New Year!